TaylorMade Horsemanship Clinics

Melanie Smith Taylor is pleased to announce the formation of TaylorMade Horsemanship Clinics. TMH was initially envisioned and designed many years ago in Germantown,Tennessee by Melanie’s late husband, Lee Taylor. Melanie has now created and made this program a reality within your reach for participation.

TaylorMade Horsemanship is designed to provide a mutually beneficial symbiosis between the lessons of ground work and all equestrian disciplines. Groundwork incorporates all the principles of good horsemanship the same as when mounted. This foundation is fundamental to all equestrian endeavors – it helps us understand and value the pursuit of quality in everything we do with the horse. You cannot strive for quality just in the show ring or during an afternoon ride. Quality must permeate every interaction you have with your horse, no matter what the venue. Success and winning are the result of this constant commitment to build and practice good habits – from the ground up!

This will be a wonderful opportunity for participants of all ages to be immersed in a four day clinic where they will learn aspects of horsemanship and groundwork not readily available. This program has been designed to introduce the riders and horses to groundwork that they will incorporate in their flatwork, gymnastics, course work, and the penultimate horsemanship test in the saddle. This experience will be a true culmination of education with your horse not only in the barn but handling and riding your horse in practice or in the show arena. A careful selection of  professionals: top clinicians, stable management experts and various specialty presenters, makes this program one of the best. It will be an outstanding addition  to your already existing training program and will certainly better your connection with the horse.